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"Adjmi is clearly a writer with a distinct voice, style and ambition. In The Evildoers he attempts nothing less than a reality check for the post-Baby Boom generation as it hits middle age... The playwright tears down the facade that masks veneer upon veneer with stinging detail, idiosyncratic loopiness and shocking incident."

Frank Rizzo, Variety


"Razor-sharp satirical tragedy... Stunning frequently lives up to its name, offering a brutal yet witty view of groupthink and slippery identity politics among Syrian Jews in Brooklyn...the hippest ticket in town" (Top Ten of 2009)


David Cote, Time Out


"Stunning dazzles...The tonal shifts between tension and comedy are perfectly mastered, as are the incremental changes in power among the characters."

Elizabeth Vincentelli, NY Post


"Theatergoers familiar with Mr. Adjmi’s earlier plays — aggressively stylized satires like Stunning and The Evildoers — are likely to anticipate the poisonous political pulse that animates this portrait of a lady. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be disarmed by the flirtatious artistry of Elective Affinities, in both its writing and its performance... You leave chastened and perhaps tainted, but also elated. "

Ben Brantley, New York Times

"Some playwrights can both bruise and massage your soul, and if Edward Albee and Harold Pinter lead the category of writers whose whipcracking vigor can feel punishing at times, David Adjmi, whose play 3C is currently on view at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, also belongs to that group. His mixing of realism and absurdity evokes Albee, but kicked into a higher gear..."

Ella Bittencourt, Slant Magazine



"David Adjmi’s pivotal work... he resembles artists as diverse as Luis Bunuel and Rainer Werner Fassbinder... Adjmi’s brilliance is to use trashy vernacular speech to allude to the way history trashes us."

Hilton Als, The New Yorker

"From Valley Girl comedy to mad-scene finale, Marin Ireland nails the Queen of France in David Adjmi’s marvelous, disturbing, revisionist take." (Critics’ Pick)

Jesse Green, New York Magazine

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